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The archaeological Pithecusae Museum is located in the main building of Villa Arbusto complex in Lacco Ameno, Ischia.

This is a very prestigious place for every artist for the solemnity of the building, the fine refinement of its big rooms and its magnificient gardens. Here I have exposed more than 40 images on diffferent themes.

Evaluna cultural association (Napoli)

Exhibition "RITRATTI" Firenze 2004/2005 organised by ALINARI S.p.A.



This beneficience exhibition has been organized to support the work of the American Jesuit priest Fr. Eugene L. Watrin, SJ.

All money collected in occasion of this exhibition was entirely devolved to his volunteers organization: "Godavari Alumni Association" based in Kathmandu. Unfortunately, few months later, Gene Watrin passed away due a pancreas cancer. But his association still works in the name of his memory helping all the children and old people coming from the rural villages around Kathmandu. These fantastic volunteers take care of their health status and instrucion level.